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A piece of art by Sally So|  Zolar Studio

Newborn Info

4 to 11 days old

Thank you for considering us the mother daughter duo to be your newborn photographer!

All newborn sessions include:

  • backdrops

  • baskets

  • blankets

  • wraps

  • some outfits

Best time to book your newborn session is at least 1-2 months before your due date.

Why between 4-11 days?

Fun Fact: A newborn has nearly 300 bones & cartilage pieces, which after 10 to 14 days (2 weeks) mark, start to fuse together into calcified bone, which makes it much harder for them to return to that in-the-womb position they’ve been in for the last 9 months. It is much more comfortable for them to be moulded into the adorable position while they still have the luxury of pure flexibility.

What if my baby is older than 11 days?

Don't get discouraged! We can still do a photo session and capture some gorgeous photos. It will most likely just take much longer to accomplish :) For babies older we do have our Baby (1+ months) session

A newborn session is best when baby is 4 to 11 days old.

Get ready for your shoot

Prep Tips

It helps to keep the baby awake for the majority of the morning before the shoot. If at all possible, try to keep baby stimulated and awake an hour or so before the session. We want to spend as much time photographing them as much as possible and less time trying to put them to sleep. Tricks on how to keep him/her awake: give the baby a bath or get them naked, it should wake them right up.


If you are nursing please avoid spicy foods and or eating/drinking caffeinated, citrus or fruit drinks because it may cause the baby to have a upset stomach and not sleep. If your baby is bottle fed please make sure to bring enough formula to last the long haul for our session (2-4 hours).


Please remember you will feed and burp baby once you arrive at our studio, right before our session to ensure a happy, sleepy (“milk drunk”) baby. We'll also be more than happy to take as many breaks as needed to help him/her re-fuel. It’s tough work being a model!

Patience is Key

Newborn sessions can last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. It all depends on baby’s mood and willingness to sleep. Unfortunately…this isn’t something we can predict! It is important that everyone remain calm, should he/she not want to sleep, since your baby will pick up on any frustration in the room. And if sleep doesn’t happen, that’s okay! Wide-eyed newborn photos are beautiful too. 

Best time to book your session is 1-2 months before your due date

What to bring

Loose clothes

Dress baby in loose pajama or loose fitting clothing. We don't want to disturb little one too much in the undressing process. Also this will help prevent any imprints on the baby's skin, this applies to head bands as well.

Baby's Blanket

Baby's blanket and an extra one just in case. We'll be using baby's blanket to keep little one warm while having them fall asleep and will be used in between sessions for breaks and feeding.

Feeding Supplies

Anything you will need to nurse or bottle feed baby. Make sure to bring extra formula, or an extra bottle of breastmilk! We will need the extra bottle to help soothe baby into poses.


A pacifier or binky. We will need this to help soothe baby. If baby normally does not take a pacifier, please bring it just in case. During the session your baby will want to self soothe by sucking more often than normal. We understand if you are nursing you may not be using a pacifier regularly yet, but it will be very important to have one available during baby’s session. We prefer to use the Soothie brand pacifier during the session as it has a flat front and won’t leave marks on baby’s face. 


Extra diapers & wipes! We say 8-10 diapers to be safe. We use diapers to spot baby in-between poses, so It’s common to go through quite a few diapers in a session.

Light clothes

A set of light/comfy clothes for YOU because the studio will be warm for baby's comfort. Babies REALLY like it to be warm, like really warm, so please be sure to dress light. Bring an extra shirt just incase baby has an accident on you :)


We will be in session for quite sometime. You can watch the process we suggest bringing your own book/e-reader, magazine, ,laptop or tablet (we have wifi). We provide a little guest area with Netflix and a few DVD's :)


Snacks / Food for yourself. You may build up an appetite over the course of the session. You are welcome to use our refrigerator to store food to keep cold, and we also have a microwave. There are some fast food and delivery options close to our studio. Kent Station is just a 5 minute drive away.

What to expect

Newborn photo sets

Our newborn sessions last from 2-3 hours. We have the intent of capturing photos of your newborn in a number of sets. A set is a photography set with one backdrop and one basket or prop. Your little one is the star of show and s/he will dictate the timing of it, so patience is essential. We will have the sets ready before your arrive.


Once you arrive we like to start out by welcoming you and meeting little one! We will have you get settled in our guest area as we go over our check list with you.


Baby's comfort and safety is our priority. We will take baby’s lead and work on their schedule, allowing baby to move and stretch, and ensuring baby takes breaks as needed. Most of the session will involve feeding, diaper changes, making sure baby is comfy and getting them to sleep.


We are artists and we like to provide beautiful art! All of our images are hand edited and not ran through a quick filter software. We want to provide you with some amazing wall art by ensuring our images have a natural, clean, and sharp look.

Online Gallery, Prints + Products

All sessions include an online gallery where you can view, share, even purchase prints, canvases, metals, hard cover books and more. We also offer complimentary 4x6 digital downloads for online sharing.


"Thank you Kaylen and Sally for the best experience with my newborn session. You guys are very professional and talented. Thanks for making us feel so comfortable and taking good care of my little one."

— Sandy N. (Kent WA)
Allana_Digital backdrop_4.jpg

"​Fun photo shoot for my first born they took care of her made sure she's warm and comfy and the photos are great!"

— Kyle P. (Tacoma, WA)

We did newborn photos and Sally and her team were so wonderfully patient even though our little one pooped, peed, fussed, and wanted to eat before finally settling down and allowing himself to be photographed. Loved that they kept the studio warm and had a waiting area for parents to sit and watch TV. Our pictures are adorable and we’ve gotten so many compliments. So glad I’ll have beautiful keepsakes of my first baby! 🥰

— Nina H. (Seattle, WA)

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