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Hi my name is Sally,


I have loved photography literally as long as I can remember. My first memories of photography was when my father gave me a Kodak EKTRALITE Camera with a single use flash cube.  As the years progressed my father knew I have keen interest in photography, he gave me a Rollei film camera, showed me the basics then essentially told me "Go, get creative". He progressively gave me a SLR film camera, a Ricoh 35mm. I was ecstatic!  This opened my eyes to what I could capture using a great camera and from there I became interested in photography seriously. 

I took photography classes in high school, I love spending time in the dark room manipulating the arts of developing photos.  I have keen eye of capturing nature photos but my love affair with photographing people began in 2000.  

I started taking photos of my family and friends, they enjoyed the natural look and uniquely-inspired images I created.  The first time I photograph newborn was with my friend who is a very talented photographer.  She introduced me to newborn photography.  I shadowed and assisted her for few months and as a result, I realized that I have incredible patience with newborn, I enjoyed working with them, truly a magical moment. The images I took was truly captivating, parents were fascinated with the outcome.  It is exciting to be able to please them, I knew I found my niche.  

I have the passion for unique creativity and going above and beyond my capabilities. My goal is to make unforgetablable memories stay…recorded for a lifetime to keep.


Kaylen is your wedding videographer, more than a videographer, they are always eager to make sure your day goes smoothly as possible. Having experience as a 1st assistant director on film sets, Kaylen understands having everything organized and having everything in line for the best flow.


We have moved!

We have moved from Kent to Auburn (Lakeland Hills Area) Near Lake Tapps

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