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Mother & Son

Sally and Kaylen, the founders of Zolar Studio, share a deep-rooted connection to the power of visual storytelling, inspired by their extensive experience in capturing cherished family moments. As mother and son, they originated from a large extended family, often orchestrating creative gatherings that fostered closeness among relatives while immortalizing these moments through photography and videography.

Recognizing the significance of these captured memories, Sally and Kaylen decided to channel their passion into Zolar Studio, where they specialize in transforming fleeting moments into lasting treasures. Established in 2018, Zolar Studio has evolved from humble beginnings in family and newborn photography to encompass a wide range of services, including maternity, professional headshots, weddings, and photo booth rentals. Transitioning to a home-based studio in 2020, they continue to provide their clients with exceptional service and dedication to preserving life's precious moments.

With Kaylen's dedication to videography, the studio continues to excel in preserving the essence of special occasions, ensuring every moment is immortalized for generations to come.

Meet The Team


My photography journey began with a Kodak EKTRALITE Camera my father gave me. Over time, he nurtured my interest, leading me to a Rollei film camera and later, an SLR film camera. High school photography classes honed my skills, and my love for photographing people started in 2000.

I began capturing family and friends, known for my natural and unique style. The turning point came when I was introduced to newborn photography. After assisting a talented friend, I discovered my knack for it. Parents were captivated by my work, and I knew I had found my calling.

I'm fueled by a passion for creative excellence, always striving to exceed expectations. My mission is to create enduring memories that last a lifetime.


Meet Kaylen, a versatile professional with skills that span videography, photography, event coordination, and an uncanny knack for operational efficiency. Beyond being a videographer, Kaylen's commitment to ensuring your special day unfolds seamlessly is remarkable.


Drawing from experience as a 1st assistant director on film sets, Kaylen excels at meticulous organization and ensuring everything aligns for the smoothest possible flow. They consistently go above and beyond, leaving no detail unattended. His effort is always noticed and deeply appreciated.and ensuring every effort is noticed and deeply appreciated.

The Home Studio

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