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Posing and your newborn session

Newborn sessions are best when between 4-14 days old

Posing is one of the most critical aspects of newborn photography.  Posing an infant requires extra care and handling. We know that your baby’s neck and body are not fully developed and we have a lot of experience in handling newborn babies. Your precious baby’s comfort and security are first and foremost, so we will be very patient and dedicate enough time to capture images based on your baby’s mood. We take every precaution to ensure a very comfortable setting, both for the parents and newborn.

With twins or multiple newborns, we take many of the same measures with the exception of adding more time to the session. It can be challenging enough to get one baby to cooperate, and with two it does require extra posing and handling. It helps if you have an extra set of hands to accompany you on the photo shoot when multiple babies are present. 

Ultimately these are your most lasting images to preserve the moments in time that can never be replaced. These timeless images will become a family treasure and one that your child will also love to see when he or she becomes an adult. 

Life is all about special moments. What more important moment can you think of than the birth of the very life that you created? We look forward to being part of your family’s important newborn photo session as your professional photographer.

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